Photogrammetric Scanning

This section presents several projects we have completed using photogrammetric scanning technology.

В данном разделе представлено несколько проектов выполненных нами с использованием технологии фотограмметрического сканирования

The Garni Temple in Armenia is an ancient Hellenistic temple dedicated to the sun god, Mihr. Built in the 1st century AD, it showcases a blend of Hellenistic and Roman architectural styles. Constructed of basalt, the temple features intricate carvings and a central hall with ornate details. The temple complex includes a bathhouse and a mausoleum. It was initially a royal summer residence but lost its religious significance after Armenia’s conversion to Christianity. Damaged by an earthquake in 1679, it remained in ruins until extensive restoration in the 20th century. Today, it stands as a symbol of Armenia’s cultural heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into its ancient pagan traditions. A 3D model created through photogrammetry would digitally preserve its details, allowing wider access to its beauty and history.

More renders and 3d of Garni Temple

Naval fortress on an artificial island in the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg and Kronstadt. From 1899 to 1917, the fort housed a research laboratory on plague and other bacterial diseases.

Abandoned mansion


Saint Nicholas Church (Russian:Nikola na Lipne church) on Lipno Island is a Russian Orthodox church, a late 13th century example of Novgorod stone architecture. It is located on a small island in the Lipno Msta river delta, 9 km south of Veliky Novgorod. The main altar was consecrated in the name of Saint Nicholas.

Objects scanning

A monument to Alexander Pushkin at Arts Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia (1957) by famous Soviet Russian sculptor Mikhail Konstantinovitch Anikushin

A pilaster capital with griffins. The temple of Apollo, Didyma, an ancient Greek sanctuary on the coast of Ionia in the domain of the famous city of Miletus.

Castle of St. Peter

Castle of St. Peter is located on a small rocky peninsula set between two sheltered bays in Bodrum, on the south- west coast of Anatolia. This peninsula inhabited and known in the ancient world as Zephyrion and was probably used as a rear base by the Byzantines in the early Middle Ages and then by the Turks Created in RealityCapture by Capturing Reality from 1716 images from 7 HD videos posted on YouTube in 01h:06m:39s